Getting Thin Chapter Two

Alrighty, here’s the deal. I’ll be posting one more of these freebie chapters next week. Getting Thin is only 0.99 and I hope that three chapters is enough to get a handle on the characters. This is no bedtime story, though. It contains very mature themes, such as rape and insanity. I absolutely stink at summarizing – I’m working on it – so boiling the plot down to a few lines is not my strong suit. But I’ll give it a try.

Teenage outcast becomes best friends with the girl next door, who teaches her how to be happier with herself. And then teenage girl’s new best friend is murdered. And teenage girl becomes a knife carrying, blood lusting fiend looking for revenge. She’s like Harley Quinn without all the warm and fuzzy. 110 pounds of cute but evil. I guess you could say she’s got a few anger issues. But don’t we all? Anyway, the link is below if you want to know more 😉

Getting Thin: A Ghost Story

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