The Daily Riff 4/4/18

So, just in case you’ve never done something like this, a riff while writing is taking something like a line of poetry or music and running with it. Like, run, run. Write as fast as you can, catching whatever comes up. No editing, no letting your inner critic to stab you. Just write. This is a Breaking the Block skill. No, I didn’t invent it 😂 I am just sharing my version. Now. Grab it and go!

8 thoughts on “The Daily Riff 4/4/18

  1. Night is falling and two bullfrogs with strings of pearls dripping down to the mud are sipping from wine glasses. Two ravens are perched on a crypt behind them, eyeing the frogs and wine glasses with expectation. The bullfrogs sigh and sip, sigh and sip, ignoring the skeletal arm reaching to the sky from the slightly open crypt. And the ravens wait on, waiting for the frogs to finish the poisoned wine.

    Oh great, now I’m going to have nightmares! And get I cannot wait for tomorrow…

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