The Silver Door – One

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In the Blessed Lands, where the goddess of all life is known as Danu, there is a rumor of a land beyond the sea. Not a meager island or even a smallish sort of continent, it stretches further even than Inìsfail and is twice as wide. Some say it is the place where all stories came from, before Inìsfail had even been risen from the waters of the ocean. 

Legend says that, if you be able, you can take a ship west and cross the wide expanse, but you may sail for a year – or ten – and see only those lesser lands while never coming to the one you seek, for it cannot be found in the ordinary ways. But, if you were to step through the right doorway in the right place, you would find yourself upon silver shores far, far away from the Blessed Lands, over the Sea of Stars. Beyond the shining sand, will be a place called Aíreanshee, though that name is unknown to all but the great Guardians, keepers of all wisdom, the Seanachaidh, who will not speak of it to any that do not already know its name, and those who have been there. Seekers know it only as The Silverlands and dream of it often before they find it, if they ever do. Here, I tell you, is a land of heroes and villains where anyone can choose to be anything and dreams can be made real.

Here the gods wear different names and do not know any other, for they are only kin to Danu as all gods are kin to each other by dint of being gods. Here there are things unknown in other lands and that is as it should be, for there are things in other lands that are not known here. It is a land of adventure and one of suffering. This is not a the land of elves or dragons, though both have come here, but the land of men, who are so often stronger than they seem. Some who live here may be evil and others be of the purest soul and no one is ever bound to be one or the other, no matter how they might have started. This is the land of adventure, the land of hope, the land of possibility. And if you happen to come here, oh wanderer, count yourself among the truly lucky, for this is a land where fortunes may be won and true heroes may be forged, if you have the will for it, and even the most ordinary of humanity can become legendary.



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