Death Brings Life

It has been a long time since I’ve been here. So long that WordPress no longer has the theme I picked for the original. Which is fine with me because it was only a theme, after all. The place was mess when I got here, a mass of half finished dreams and odes to the person I thought I wanted to be. But a lot can happen in two years. A lot has happened. I did a little dying and a lot of coming back to life, and there was a lot of events in-between – aren’t there always? These aren’t anything I’ll share here, not yet, save to say I am learning to be grateful for what I have gone through. I am still writing – writing more than ever, in fact. I plan to start sharing again, though, if you really want to get into my headspace, you’ll have to come on over to Patreon.

This really is just a post that can be seen as a sort of warning. The type you might see right outside a dark and spooky wood. If you don’t want to get deep, then you better turn around. I’m no longer the woman I was the last time you met me, though I think there was always something of a hint that this is where we were heading. I’ve been wandering in a deep, dark wood where the paths change constantly and nothing is what it seems. This, above all, is why I chose to keep the title of the page the same. Honestly, this is just a post to say hello to anyone still following me and give you fair warning.

I’m back, my lovelies.

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